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Object Reference

xf_SchemaSQLConstructorSQL Constructor

Public Function MakeWhereFromVals_VPA (
TableName As String,
UseTablePrefix As String,
FieldValList As Variant
) As String

Create an SQL WHERE clause (without the WHERE keyword) from the passed in values, validating and formatting each value according to the column type.
The _VPA suffix indicates that the ParamArray is passed in as a Variant.

TableName as String

The table name

UseTablePrefix as String

Add this table prefix to the column names, eg. [Table3].[Column1]

FieldValList as Variant

The paired column names and values ParamArray, passed as a Variant

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.DefaultSchema.SQLConstructor.MakeWhereFromVals_VPA(TableName, UseTablePrefix, FieldValList)

See Also:

Example 1:

sql = objSchema.SQLConstructor.MakeWhereFromVals "Product", "", paramlist
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