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Arrow of Time Pty Ltd
7 Mahomed St, The Gap NT 0870, Australia
ABN: 25 101 297 214
Arrow of Time is a developer and vendor of stand alone and web based .NET products.
Arrow of Time is presently in a startup phase ... watch this space !!

What's with the Name ?

The phrase 'Arrow of Time' has a couple of associations with science.

The first (see Wikipedia) is that there is no reason time should not be reversible in the mathematical equations representing the basic properties of the universe (ie. in quantum physics, relativity and electromagnetism). Entropy is statistically (macro) irreversible, but locally (micro) reversible.
Yet all our experience of time is that it proceeds in one direction only. The 'arrow of time' has been said to always point to the future. Why this is so is one of the great mysteries of physics, along with the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass.
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The second regards the famous humourous challenge sentence to artifical intelligence programs designed to interpret language: 'Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana'.

Ben McIntyre (Director)

Ben started writing software on Apple II computers back in 1982 when he was 14. Since then he has aquired an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering and has developed almost every kind of software, from assembler through embedded C++ and distributed computing, to various database systems, .NET applications and lately the web stack and javascript.
He has run a software development and consultancy business in Australia for around 20 years.

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