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For support, we strongly recommend that you create an Arrow of Time account and log a support request there. A history of all discussions will be available in the account.
You will be emailed when a support representative responds to you.

Arrow of Time Office

The Arrow of Time office is located in Australia:
Arrow of Time
7 Mahomed St, The Gap NT 0870, Australia

ph: +61 421 416 786

Our time zone is GMT+9:30. Some sample time comparisons are below.
We do respond to emails promptly, so this is probably be a better option for international customers.

Australia UK (Indicative Europe) USA Central (Indicative Americas)
9am - 5pm Mon11:30pm Sun - 7:30am Mon5:30pm Sun - 1:30am Mon
9am - 5pm Tue11:30pm Mon - 7:30am Tue5:30pm Mon - 1:30am Tue
9am - 5pm Wed11:30pm Tue - 7:30am Wed5:30pm Tue - 1:30am Wed
9am - 5pm Thu11:30pm Wed - 7:30am Thu5:30pm Wed - 1:30am Thu
9am - 5pm Fri11:30pm Thu - 7:30am Fri5:30pm Thu - 1:30am Fri

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