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Object Reference

xf_External_VB7_32_64bitExternal Code Library VB7 (32 and 64 bit)

Commonly used external functions (mostly system COM calls), that were collated from third party sites and remains under the licence (if any) as specified in the individual code sections.
A link to an originating site is given in each case at the start of the code Amendments to code have been made in some cases.
Code in this module is NOT subject to the license agreement governing the Access Extension Framework.
Module 'xf_External_VB6_32bit' contains VB6 code that is only compatible with 32 bit Office (2007 and earlier).
Module 'xf_External_VB7_32_64bit' contains VB7 code that is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit Office (2010 and later).
Compiler directives will automatically select the correct code version based on the capabilities of the running version of MS Access.
If you are sure that the application will never be run on an Office version earlier than Office 2010 then you can remove the VB6 version - but this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

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