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Object Reference

xf_SchemaSQLConstructorSQL Constructor

Public Function MakeWhereFromVals (
TableName As String,
UseTablePrefix As String,
ParamArray FieldValList() As Variant
) As String

Create an SQL WHERE clause (without the WHERE keyword) from the passed in values, validating and formatting each value according to the column type.

TableName as String

The table name

UseTablePrefix as String

Add this table prefix to the column names, eg. [Table3].[Column1]

ParamArray FieldValList() as Variant

The paired column names and values

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.DefaultSchema.SQLConstructor.MakeWhereFromVals(TableName, UseTablePrefix, FieldValList)

See Also:

Example 1:

sql = objSchema.SQLConstructor.MakeWhereFromVals "Product", "", _
"ProductID", 23
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