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Object Reference

xf_DbSchemaDatabase Schema Information

Public Function PrintSQLColumnValidationErrors (
) As Boolean

Show a dialog of the messages generated during validation of table data by external libraries.

SQLNullList as Variant

The list of column controls unable to be saved because their values are null

SQLTruncList as Variant

The list of columns whos values will be truncated by a save

SQLTypeMismatchList as Variant

The list of columns whos values are not able to be converted to the underlying type

Call Template:

Dim b As Boolean
b = xf.DefaultSchema.PrintSQLColumnValidationErrors(SQLNullList, SQLTruncList, SQLTypeMismatchList)

See Also:

Example 1:

DisplayMessage = objSchema.PrintSQLColumnValidationErrors(SQLNullList, SQLTruncList, SQLTypeMismatchList, "Products")
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