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Object Reference

xf_DbSchemaDatabase Schema Information

Public Function IsSQLColumnValidationError (
) As Boolean

Is there a validation message to be printed ?

SQLNullList as Variant

The list of column controls unable to be saved because their values are null

SQLTruncList as Variant

The list of columns whos values will be truncated by a save

SQLTypeMismatchList as Variant

The list of columns whos values are not able to be converted to the underlying type

Call Template:

Dim b As Boolean
b = xf.DefaultSchema.IsSQLColumnValidationError(SQLNullList, SQLTruncList, SQLTypeMismatchList)

See Also:

Example 1:

MessageFlag = objSchema.GetSQLColumnValidationMessages(SQLNullList, SQLTruncList, SQLTypeMismatchList)
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