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Object Reference

xf_DbConnectDatabase Access Wrapper

Public Function ReturnSingleColumnAsDelimList (
sqlStr As String,
Optional Delimiter As String = ",",
Optional QuoteValues As xf_QuoteTypeEnum = None,
Optional DebugOn As Boolean = False,
Optional SuppressError As Boolean = False
) As String

Returns the values for the selected column from each row of the result set, as a delimited list


The delimiter to use

sqlStr as String


Optional Delimiter as String = ","

(no description)

Optional QuoteValues as xf_QuoteTypeEnum = None

What type of quotes to use for each element, if any. Any quotes inside the element will be escaped.

Optional DebugOn as Boolean = False

Print the SQL statement before attempting to open the Recordset

Optional SuppressError as Boolean = False

Don't print any error message if an error is thrown, just return Null

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.DbConnect.ReturnSingleColumnAsDelimList(delimiter, sqlStr)
s = xf.DbConnect.ReturnSingleColumnAsDelimList(delimiter, sqlStr, Delimiter, QuoteValues, DebugOn, SuppressError)

See Also:

Example 1:

v = xf.DbConnect.ReturnSingleColumnAsDelimList("SELECT TOP 5 ProductName FROM Products", ";")
Chai;Chang;Aniseed Syrup;Chef Anton 's Cajun Seasoning;Chef Anton 's Gumbo Mix
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