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Object Reference

xf_DbConnectDatabase Access Wrapper

Public Function IsValidSqlSmallDate (
v As Variant
) As Boolean

Is the date valid and does it fit into the range of the MSSQL SmallDateTime type (1 Jan 1900 to 6 Jun 2079) ? Access allows dates from the year 100 to 9999.
Attempting to insert a valid date outside this range into a back end SmallDateTime column will throw an error.

v as Variant

The date

Call Template:

Dim b As Boolean
b = xf.DbConnect.IsValidSqlSmallDate(v)

See Also:

Example 1:

Debug.Print xf.DbConnect.IsValidSqlSmallDate(#1 Jan 1850#)   -> False
Debug.Print xf.DbConnect.IsValidSqlSmallDate(Null)           -> False
Debug.Print xf.DbConnect.IsValidSqlSmallDate(#1 Jan 1970)    -> True
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