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Object Reference

xf_DataListExt_LBBindDataListExt Binder

Public Function ListBoxRowSourceFunction (
fld As Control,
ID As Variant,
row As Variant,
col As Variant,
code As Variant
) As Variant

The special function used as the ListBox or ComboBox RowSourceType.
See help: RowSourceType Property (User-Defined Function) - Code Argument Values Because this function is called repeatedly it has a tendency to spew errors when something goes wrong. For this reason, there is a time delay on the error messaging. Once an error occurs, it waits xf_DataListErrSuspendSecs (by default 20) seconds before raising another error. This gives the user time to change to design mode or reset the code.

fld as Control

A control variable that refers to the list box or combo box being filled.

ID as Variant

A unique value that identifies the control being filled. This is useful when you want to use the same user-defined function for more than one list box or combo box and must distinguish between them.

row as Variant

The row being filled (zero-based).

col as Variant

The column being filled (zero-based).

code as Variant

An intrinsic constant that specifies the kind of information being requested.

Call Template:

Dim obj As New xf_DataListExt_LBBind
Dim v As Variant
v = obj.ListBoxRowSourceFunction(fld, ID, row, col, code)

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