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Object Reference

xf_DataListExt_LBBindDataListExt Binder

Public Function BindListbox (
ByRef c As Control,
LbSelList As xf_DataListExt,
Optional IsSelectList As Boolean = True
) As Integer

Add the passed control to the list of DataList bound controls

ByRef c as Control

The ComboBox or ListBox

LbSelList as xf_DataListExt

The datasource DataList

Optional IsSelectList as Boolean = True

The control a member of a selection cluster of controls

Call Template:

Dim obj As New xf_DataListExt_LBBind
Dim i As Integer
i = obj.BindListbox(c, LbSelList)
i = obj.BindListbox(c, LbSelList, IsSelectList)

See Also:

Example 1:

Dim lb as New xf_DataList_LBBind
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