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Object Reference

xf_StringCaseSensitiveString Functions

Public Function FixedWidthStr (
s As String,
PadTrimTo As Integer,
Optional PadRight As Boolean = False,
Optional PadChar As String = " "
) As String

Create a fixed width string by truncating or padding to the desired length.

s as String

The string to pad or truncate

PadTrimTo as Integer

The desired width

Optional PadRight as Boolean = False

Right justify with padding rather than left justify (default)

Optional PadChar as String = " "

The character to use for padding, by default a space

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.StrCS.FixedWidthStr(s, PadTrimTo)
s = xf.StrCS.FixedWidthStr(s, PadTrimTo, PadRight, PadChar)

See Also:

Example 1:

xf.Str.FixedWidthStr("Joe", 10, , "x")            => Joexxxxxxx
xf.Str.FixedWidthStr("Too long text string", 8)   => Too long
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