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Object Reference

xf_SchemaSQLConstructorSQL Constructor

Public Function SQLInsertFromSQL (
IntoTableName As String,
SQLFromSource As String,
DefaultInsertUnlisted As Boolean,
AllowAddlCols As Boolean,
IncludeIdentity As Boolean,
CoerceNullToEmptyString As Boolean,
ParamArray FieldValList() As Variant
) As String

See the description for SQLInsertFromSQL_VPA.
The same functionality except for
- the schema must be for the same table as that being inserted to
- DefInsTable is not a parameter
- the ParamArray is passed in in code, not as a Variant

IntoTableName as String

The table name for the INSERT statement

SQLFromSource as String

The FROM part of the SELECT statement.

DefaultInsertUnlisted as Boolean

Automatically generate column insertions for columns not defined in the passed name/value list

AllowAddlCols as Boolean

Allow column names in the passed name/value list that are not in the table schema

IncludeIdentity as Boolean

Generate column insertions for the identity column (otherwise it is omitted)

CoerceNullToEmptyString as Boolean

Automatically add nz() around inserted column names

ParamArray FieldValList() as Variant

The paired column names and values

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.DefaultSchema.SQLConstructor.SQLInsertFromSQL(IntoTableName, SQLFromSource, DefaultInsertUnlisted, AllowAddlCols, IncludeIdentity, CoerceNullToEmptyString, FieldValList)

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