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Object Reference

xf_DbSchemaDatabase Schema Information

Public Property Get TableSchema (
TableName As String,
Optional EnforceSinglePKCol As Boolean = False ,
Optional AllowNoSQLMetaData As Boolean = False
) As xf_DbSchema_Table

' Get Col Details for table Set objTableSchema = p_objSchema.TableSchema(TableName)

TableName as String

The table name

Optional EnforceSinglePKCol as Boolean = False

Display warning dialogs if there is a multi column PK or no PK.

Optional AllowNoSQLMetaData as Boolean = False

(no description)

Call Template:

Dim obj As New xf_DbSchema_Table
Set obj = xf.DefaultSchema.TableSchema(TableName)
Set obj = xf.DefaultSchema.TableSchema(TableName, EnforceSinglePKCol, AllowNoSQLMetaData)

See Also:

Example 1:

Dim objSchema As xf_DbSchema
Dim objTableSchema As xf_DbSchema_Table
Set objSchema = New xf_DbSchema
objSchema.Init xf_SQLDatabaseType_MSAccess, False, xf.DbConnect, "Default DB"
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