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Object Reference

xf_DbSchemaDatabase Schema Information

Public Sub Init (
SQLDatabaseType As xf_SQLDatabaseTypeEnum,
ReadUserDefinedMetaData As Boolean,
Optional dbConn As xf_DbConnect = Nothing,
Optional SchemaDescription As String = ""

Initialises the schema object Once the schema is loaded, table schemas are 'lazy loaded' - they are fetched the first time they are requested - so there is no need to explicity load or initialise the table schema.


The DbConnect object to use to obtain the schema

SQLDatabaseType as xf_SQLDatabaseTypeEnum

xf_SQLDatabaseType_MSAccess or xf_SQLDatabaseType_MSSQL

ReadUserDefinedMetaData as Boolean

Read user defined metadata in addition to the basic schema. The user defined metadata tables/views must be set up. User metadata support is not yet implemented.

Optional dbConn as xf_DbConnect = Nothing

(no description)

Optional SchemaDescription as String = ""

A text description for the database schema

Call Template:

xf.DefaultSchema.Init DbConn, SQLDatabaseType, ReadUserDefinedMetaData
xf.DefaultSchema.Init DbConn, SQLDatabaseType, ReadUserDefinedMetaData, dbConn, SchemaDescription

See Also:

Example 1:

Dim objSchema As New xf_DbSchema
objSchema.Init xf_SQLDatabaseType_MSAccess, False, xf.DbConnect, "Default DB"
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