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Object Reference

xf_DbConnectDatabase Access Wrapper

Public Function OpenADORecordset (
Source As String,
Optional RSType As CursorTypeEnum = adOpenUnspecified,
Optional LockEdit As LockTypeEnum = adLockUnspecified,
Optional OpenRSOptions As Long = -1,
Optional SuppressError As Boolean = False
) As ADODB.Recordset

Opens an ADO Recordset object against the current database connection.

Source as String

The SQL or table or query name for which to open a result set

Optional RSType as CursorTypeEnum = adOpenUnspecified

See the documentation for ADO.OpenRecordset

Optional LockEdit as LockTypeEnum = adLockUnspecified

See the documentation for ADO.OpenRecordset

Optional OpenRSOptions as Long = -1

See the documentation for ADO.OpenRecordset

Optional SuppressError as Boolean = False

Suppress the error message if an error occurs

Call Template:

Dim obj As New ADODB.Recordset
Set obj = xf.DbConnect.OpenADORecordset(Source)
Set obj = xf.DbConnect.OpenADORecordset(Source, RSType, LockEdit, OpenRSOptions, SuppressError)

See Also:

Example 1:

Dim recs as Ado.Recordset
Set recs = xf.DbConnect.OpenADORecordset("SELECT * FROM Products WHERE CategoryID=2")
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