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Object Reference

xf_ControlsControl Related

Public Sub TaggedControlsAction (
f As Object,
TagStr As String,
Action As xf_ControlActionEnum,
FlagValue As Boolean,
Optional BGColour As Long = -1,
Optional SetFocusTo As Control = Nothing,
Optional SuppressErrors As Boolean = False

Take the action on all the controls with a tag matching the one passed. See ControlAction for the actions.


The form containing the controls

f as Object

(no description)

TagStr as String

The tag to match

Action as xf_ControlActionEnum

The action from the list above

FlagValue as Boolean

The value indicating whether to emable/disable, etc

Optional BGColour as Long = -1

The colour value to use when setting colour

Optional SetFocusTo as Control = Nothing

The control to set focus to if the target control has the focus and cannot be disabled or hidden

Optional SuppressErrors as Boolean = False

(no description)

Call Template:

xf.Controls.TaggedControlsAction F, f, TagStr, Action, FlagValue
xf.Controls.TaggedControlsAction F, f, TagStr, Action, FlagValue, BGColour, SetFocusTo, SuppressErrors

See Also:

Example 1:

TaggedControlsAction Me, "tgDateRangeComplete", Action_Enable, False, , cmdBackToMenu
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