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Object Reference

xf_ControlsControl Related

Public Function ComboBoundColData (
cboBox As Control,
RowIndex As Integer,
Optional SuppressError As Boolean = False
) As String

Return data from the combo bound column using zero based row indexing

cboBox as Control

The ComboBox control

RowIndex as Integer

The zero based row index

Optional SuppressError as Boolean = False

Fail silently, returning an empty string

Call Template:

Dim s As String
s = xf.Controls.ComboBoundColData(cboBox, RowIndex)
s = xf.Controls.ComboBoundColData(cboBox, RowIndex, SuppressError)

See Also:

Example 1:

debug.print ComboBoundColData(cboTest, 0, ComboRowIndex(cboTest.ListIndex))
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