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Object Reference

xf_ControlsControl Related

Public Function CheckAndAddReportDates (
DateFrom As Variant,
DateTo As Variant
) As Boolean

Process a date range for filtering report queries and for displaying on reports. DateFrom and DateTo must be a valid date or empty.
If specified, DateFrom must be less than DateTo.
If DateFrom is empty, the date #1/1/1980# is used as the start of the range. If DateTo is empty, the date #1/1/2200# is used as the end of the range. The date range text is generated:
- if DateFrom and DateTo are empty, 'All Records'
- if DateFrom is empty, 'to 1 Jan 2003'
- if DateTo is empty, '1 Jan 2003 onwards' The range data is stored as global values: StartDate - start (as date) EndDate - end (as date) FromDateDisp - start (as formatted string) ToDateDisp - end (as formatted string) DateDisp - date range description as above eg. use GlobalVal("DateDisp") or GlobalValNoErr("DateDisp") to retrieve the values

DateFrom as Variant

The variant containing the From date

DateTo as Variant

The variant containing the To date

Call Template:

Dim b As Boolean
b = xf.Controls.CheckAndAddReportDates(DateFrom, DateTo)

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