Upload CSV-format client, case and session data to DSS Data Exchange (DEX)
Csv2Dex is your cheap, flexible, fast, one-size-fits-all interface for submitting data to DEX from any software capable of producing data in CSV format.
All data conversion is performed on your local computer.

As of Jan 31st 2016 all DSS-funded organisations in Australia are now required to submit minimum project data regarding clients, cases, sessions and assessments through the DSS Data Exchange portal, using either the Bulk Upload or Web Services model.
Organisations implementing the Home and Community Care (HACC) and Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) are among those required to comply.

How it Works
Csv2Dex allows data exported as multiple CSV files to be converted to a single DEX-ready XML file, or uploaded via Web Services.
Follow these steps:
  1. For each CSV file, match CSV fields to the standard DEX fields (columns in CSV files may be in any order)
  2. Import each CSV file into Csv2Dex - data is checked for integrity, with sensible error messages
  3. Match the internal lookup data (from the files just imported) to DEX standard lookup items. For example, DEX Gender must be MALE, FEMALE, INTERSEX, NOT STATED, whereas your internal data might be M, F, ?
  4. You're done! Process the data into a DEX-ready XML file, or upload directly with Web Services
After upload:
  • future uploads can use the same CSV field matching templates, so if CSV format has not changed, new data uploads can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks
  • internal-to-DEX-matched lookup data is preserved over time and need not be re-entered again for new data uploads
  • all historical data uploaded is preserved, even if data file format changes, providing an audit history
Examples of software usable with Csv2Dex include:
  • Communicare
  • PCIS / My eHealth
  • MedicalDirector
  • BP (Best Practice)
  • any other software able to create CSV (comma separated text, also sometimes called 'excel format') export files

User Manual
The user manual is the best place to go for both an overview of how Csv2Dex works, with screenshots, and for detailed information on the installation and configuration of the program.
User Manual (pdf)download

Step 1: Download the ZIP package.
Step 2: Extract the files from the package and run 'Setup.exe'
Step 3: Run the Csv2Dex Configuration Tool via the desktop or programs menu shortcut and match your CSV data files to the DEX datasets.
Step 4: Create a new bundle. Add your CSV files to the bundle.
Step 5: Purchase the product using the link below and enter your registration code into the settings file (see manual for detailed instructions).
Step 6: Generate the XML bulk upload file for the bundle.

See the user manual for more detail on the use of Csv2Dex.
Csv2Dex as released is set up for a single user only. A multi user configuration is possible. Please email us if you require this.

Pre-sales enquiries: contact Ben McIntyre on 0421 416 786. We can arrange an evaluation license.
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Screenshots ...

CSV Data Structure

data map

Editing a Template

editing template

Matching DEX Data Lookups

lookup matching
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