The Access Extension Framework
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Demo Downloads
The Demo version is fully functional but internal variable names have been obfuscated. The license does not allow use of the demo version in commercial products.
 AXF Core v1.1download
 AXF Feature Pack v1.0download
Download the comprehensive user manual in PDF format. Checkout the Object Reference pages for detailed descriptions of the framework methods.
 User Manual v1.0download
Licensing is on a per-developer basis and gets you the following:
  • a permanent license to use the Access Extension Framework in any commercial products
  • the full source code
  • permanent free access to the current and all future code updates via your account
Core (Single Developer Licence) AU$ 60
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Feature Pack (Single Developer Licence) AU$ 60
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  note: The Feature Pack is an add-on and will not work without the core product

Protecting the framework by compiling it to a DLL or add-in would have severely curtailed its usefulness. Instead, we have elected to use what is essentially a shareware model, keeping the price low, releasing the full source code and trusting you to do the right thing if you are using it commercially. Thanks!

  • Microsoft Access 2000 onwards
  • scripting functions do not support the new Access 2007+ extended types

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