The Access Extension Framework
Update, Sun 13th Sep: There's a bit of a buzz, but what's become clear is that we haven't provided a good 'executive summary' of the framework with compelling reasons to use it.
We're still working on the Video, but the new Core Features page has a lot of screenshots. The site should now improve daily.

If you get frustrated, please do email us. We'll try to improve the docs or site according to your feedback!

Ben McIntyre, Director

Manage Your MS Access Applications

The Access Extension framework is a toolset to take professional MS Access development to the next level.

The footprint is small, and it should integrate into your new or existing projects without a hitch.
Don't believe us? Try it out! (We can't guarantee no code collisions, but we would be very surprised)

The Executive Summary
A rundown of all the features in the framework.

Get started

Check out the Core Features

Check out the Feature Pack

Download a demo version and check out the user manual on the Downloads page.
Watch the Video Tutorials.

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