The Access Extension Framework
The 'must have' extension library for MS Access
  • table linker supporting all the common linking scenarios
  • extensive libraries of real-world-useful functions
  • auto-update front end databases from a central network location
  • DataList: a recordset-like memory based list supporting sorting, filtering and grouping
  • 32/64 bit compatible Win32 library wrappers
  • auto-update back end database using enhanced SQL scripts
  • auto-generate enhanced SQL statements to alter the schema or data (like MSSMS)
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IIS7+ Mixed Windows/Forms Auth Sample
A sample Visual Studio project to allow mixing of Windows and Forms authentication for an ASP .NET application on IIS 7+ (using 'Integrated Pipeline' mode).
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The Word Merge you've always wanted
  • set up a Word Document as a template
  • format the document exactly as you like it
  • use text markers to specify where the data and loops go
  • merge data from any database or data source (including Excel or CSV)
  • nested looping to any depth, and conditional sections
  • insert images and entire Word documents

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